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The Or Vishua Torah Center envisions a Jewish future of peace and unity. The Yeshiva teaches Torah with a deep sense of leadership and civic responsibility.
Or Vishua is working closely with the surrounding congregation and with students from Haifa's major academic institutions to create a new vision of Israeli life - encompassing modernity and tradition, love of others and a deeply rooted love for the Land of Zion.
Or Vishua encourages dialogue and contact between all Jews everywhere, and welcomes both visitors to Israel and immigrants.

The Or Vishua Hesder Yeshiva is the only Yeshiva in Haifa that offers young men an opportunity to combine their IDF army service with comprehensive Torah studies.
Click here to enjoy the best of all worlds: Life in Israel, in-depth Torah study within a warm and friendly Yeshiva environment, and academic courses at some of Israel's leading universities.
The Or Vishua Talmud-Torah Kindergarten classes provide young families in the surrounding community and in the Technion student body with a Zionist-religious environment for their children. There are now three highly active Talmud-Torah Kindergarten classes at the center.
The Or Vishua Torah Center is a constantly expanding and initiating new and exciting projects for Israel and the Jewish people. Click here to learn more about such projects as: Scholarships, Dedications, Buildings, Publications, IDF Outreach, New Immigrant Absorption and more.
Young Jewish high school students from France visit the Yeshiva in early December. The students heard lectures in their own language, met their Israeli peers and enjoyed a sumptuous lunch.
Or Vishua is deeply involved in the surrounding community. Click here to read about our many outreach, charity and Torah study activities sponsored by Or Vishua.

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